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tEHC 4 life

Korean tradition is for lovers to place a lock on the railings and wires surrounding N Seoul Tower. The rumor is that the loving bond will continue so long as the lock remains. So many people have thrown their keys … Continue reading

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Day 9: Sandays (No, not Sundays)

Seoul is dense, in every sense of the word. “Concrete jungle” are appropriate words. But, if you head in the right direction for the right amount of time, wind and humidity considering, you’ll soon step outside of the hustle and bustle of Seoul’s metropolitan atmosphere without leaving Seoul. Headed in the right direction, you’ll soon find yourself ankle deep in wilderness from the head down. Continue reading

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Day 10: Craftworks, Noksapyeong, & HBC

Anybody the really knows me knows that I truly enjoy drinking a finely crafted beer. Luckily, my colleagues and I discovered a wonderful little brewpub at the station just past the foreigner neighborhood. Just 35 minutes on the brown line out of the Bonghwa, and you’ve reached Noksapyeong and, more importantly, Craftworks Tap House. Continue reading

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