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Taylor Definitely Left Korea too Early

The latest find at HomePlus, Max: Kiwi edition.

Of course, when you hear that a Korean brewery has made a special, limited New Zealand edition of their typical swill, your immediate thought is that it will somehow include kiwi juice. Instead, they apparently used a crop of New Zealand hops (and possible passion fruit) to make their newest brew. Continue reading

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Day 9: Sandays (No, not Sundays)

Seoul is dense, in every sense of the word. “Concrete jungle” are appropriate words. But, if you head in the right direction for the right amount of time, wind and humidity considering, you’ll soon step outside of the hustle and bustle of Seoul’s metropolitan atmosphere without leaving Seoul. Headed in the right direction, you’ll soon find yourself ankle deep in wilderness from the head down. Continue reading

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Two Weeks, Ten School Days

So the end of a year is approaching. I’m relaxing in my air-conned apartment, ignoring things I should probably be doing before that 1-year mark actually hits. I realize that I’ve neglected this space, opting instead to climb mountains and … Continue reading

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Please Keep Arms and Legs Inside Until the 20th Century Has Come to a Complete Stop

My m0m–that’s m-zero-m–recently bought a portable 3G-connected wifi hotspot, which allows here to access the internet from places other than coffee shops. This means two things… Continue reading

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[ Only for fresh ]

[ Only for fresh ]
We’ve got some rotten or expired.
Please CHECK Yours in here !

IF don’t, We throw away… Continue reading

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Busan Photo Dump

Busan is quickly becoming a distant memory as time grinds on. Luckily, I took 500,000 photos in case I drink away the brain cells that hold my memory of the trip. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the … Continue reading

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Fake Stats, Real Drinkin’: Pusan National University

Today marks the end of the 5-day weekend that was Seolnal, Lunar New Years. Seolnal is an important holiday for many Asians, Buddhists, werewolves, and English teachers at Korean Hagwons. For werewolves, like myself, it offers an excellent opportunity to … Continue reading

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