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Day 10: Craftworks, Noksapyeong, & HBC

Anybody the really knows me knows that I truly enjoy drinking a finely crafted beer. Luckily, my colleagues and I discovered a wonderful little brewpub at the station just past the foreigner neighborhood. Just 35 minutes on the brown line out of the Bonghwa, and you’ve reached Noksapyeong and, more importantly, Craftworks Tap House. Continue reading

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Chili King in Itaewon

The three of us locked arms, sang “Ease on Down the Road,” and skipped up one of the many hilly and terrifying alleys of Itaewon. Unlike most alleys, however, we did not find any hookers. Instead, we found the tiniest hole-in-the-wall restaurant I’ve ever seen. I’m talkin’ about the size of holes that keep you up at night, brimming with rage when your landlord tries to take your security deposit on account of them: tiny. Chili King can comfortably seat 8 hungry guests and 6 full guests. Continue reading

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