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Taylor Definitely Left Korea too Early

The latest find at HomePlus, Max: Kiwi edition.

Of course, when you hear that a Korean brewery has made a special, limited New Zealand edition of their typical swill, your immediate thought is that it will somehow include kiwi juice. Instead, they apparently used a crop of New Zealand hops (and possible passion fruit) to make their newest brew. Continue reading

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Tonight’s conquest from HomePlus. Needless to say, the beer selection has improved drastically since August. To quote Bruno Mars, “Grenade.” Continue reading

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And I Slip Away

Posting has fallen by the wayside, as of late, a chronic problem of mine. Lately my attention has been focused on a new project, Minneapoholics Anonymous. I’ve created a site for the group, here, but it is essentially a group … Continue reading

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Peace Coffee Stout/Porter Kit

If the world were a perfect place you could drink beer anywhere, at anytime. While it might still be a faux pas to drink during a funeral service or couples therapy, it surely wouldn’t be an immediate indicator of alcoholism. … Continue reading

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Leftover EPA v2.0 LifeSpan

Leftover EPA v2.0 LifeSpan Originally uploaded by foambrew This is a test of Flickr’s blogging utility… At right is a picture of of the lifespan of my “Leftover EPA v2.0” It was long ago kegged and consumed. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Updates Galore!

As you may have noticed, I changed the site up quite dramatically. The first day of Summer saw me drinking a Furious while making changes to the blog. The most notable, and will probably be the shortest living change, is … Continue reading

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JW Lees Tasting- Harvest vs Lagavulin

A while back, I made my first (and so far only) trip to the Four Firkins. Amongst the many excellent and rare beers available I found a bottle of JW Lees Harvet ale. What did I find sitting next them? … Continue reading

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