Two Weeks, Ten School Days

So the end of a year is approaching. I’m relaxing in my air-conned apartment, ignoring things I should probably be doing before that 1-year mark actually hits. I realize that I’ve neglected this space, opting instead to climb mountains and say goodbyes to great friends.

I’ve made a list of my top ten favorite things in Korea. I plan to dedicate a page to each as I cross each remain work day from my calendar. Stay tuned (tune in is probably the better phrase).

P.S. I took finally took a picture I am legitimately proud of:

One of the few pictures I've taken that faintly suggests I know what I'm doing with a camera.

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Battle Scars

Me: 0, Burrito: 1

Teacher, me ouchie.

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Korean School Life, in a Student’s Unprompted Words

I’ve been grading a slew of journals tonight, but I had to pause to share this horrifying entry. This is from Amy II, a 10 year-old at my school:

Let me introduce my school life to you. I’m satisfied with my school life. And, I made my life a hell when I was a elementary school senior.

But, now my kid has has completely adjusted to school life.

So, I’m relax. ^^ [sic]

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K-Pop Booster Shot

K-pop is equal parts glamour, swagger, and absurdity. I eat it up like my main man, mayonnaise. Unfortunately, I can’t listen to Korean music around my English students, and I don’t own a radio. So, the only time I really discover new k-pop is while at bars and clubs. Luckily, my clique’s favorite haunt in Anam, Kingstraw: Fusion Conestoga Wagon, has massive flatscreens that blast the latest and greatest the ghost of King Sejong has to offer. Last night, I discovered 3 new jams. Behold

BigBang, Tonight. The heavy-hitters return after a supposed two-year hiatus (one of the members may have been serving their military conscription). Tonight seems to be along the same lines as GD & TOP’s album, in other words, awesome. [Edit: Apparently the video hosted on BigBang’s Youtube channel isn’t available stateside. Try this vijeo instead,]

JTONG, 구구 가가 (GuGu GaGa). Jtong appears to be a rapper out of Busan, and possible a member of some group reffered to as Illest Konfusion. I’m not sure what he yelling about here, but it seems he is calling most k-pop artists babies, thus the baby-talk title. Anyway, he’s angry, the video is grayscale, there are lots of chains, and he has a mohawk. Wins all around.

JYPark, Itaewon Freedom. I just don’t fucking know. I’m not even sure of the artists name. “Where is Nam-san tower?” This is hilarious and infectiously catchy. This cannot be unseen.

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Intertubes Nice

Things I like to see: MN hip-hop (or any MN artist, really) gettin’ big props on the iTunes Store mainpage. RHYMESAYERS ENTERTAINMENT, YOU KNOW THE NAME?

I actually brought up the store to buy this very album. I didn’t think it would be so easy. So it goes (nobody died, though).

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Tonight’s conquest from HomePlus. Needless to say, the beer selection has improved drastically since August. To quote Bruno Mars, “Grenade.”

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RBQ: The Minor Motion Picture

You’ve seen the still version. Now soak in all that meaty, grilly goodness in a rapidly changing series of 1280×720-pixel images, set to a soundtrack of some guys performing a cover of a song by some other, more well-known guys. Enjoy the blairwitchesque proof that spring is finally rearing it’s awe-inspiring head (awe can be used interchangeably with galbi).

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