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Thunder-off: Round 1

I was so enthralled by my place in space, time, and inebriation that I took a picture and shared it with the caption “‘MERICA.” In just over 12 hours, the other Nick replied with his own execution the of the same picture with the caption, “‎’Zeealund. Thunder officially stolen.” Thus a call to arms was sounded. Continue reading

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Korean School Life, in a Student’s Unprompted Words

I’ve been grading a slew of journals tonight, but I had to pause to share this horrifying entry. This is from Amy II, a 10 year-old at my school: Let me introduce my school life to you. I’m satisfied with … Continue reading

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Smart Went Crazy

I was catching a train home a few days ago when I rediscovered one of my all-time favorite songs. Suddenly I was immersed in nostalgia. The hairs on my neck and arms stood rigidly; I was surprisingly aware of my eyeballs. Continue reading

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This is Twins Territory…

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I bought this record at Tower Records in Kuala Lumpur in 1993 with my mother, who paid for it. My brother was there buying And Justice for All, by Metallica. Nicholas Taylor in reference to the eponymous album Domino by the artist Domino.

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This Is Why I Love the Current…

Can you name another radio station that plays this variety of music? I doubt it. Without commercials and streams online? You can’t. MN-1 Everyone else-0. 89.3 The Current

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The Replacements

Moving to another country can easily present culture shock in even the worldliest individual. For a gringo, like me, who has never lived outside his home city, like me, culture shock is a pretty mild term. Homesickness and a longing … Continue reading

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