A Dose of K-Pop

There are few better ways to gain an appreciation of a foreign culture than by absorbing their music. Here I present two music videos which should provide a glimpse into my life in Seoul.

First, “High High” by GD and TOP. The song is an homage to the heroic Koreans of the Joseon Dynasty while the video is essentially a documentary about daily life in Seoul.

Second is “How Dare You” by Sistar, which encourages one to stab an ice pick into one’s ears if one’s neighbor plays it on repeat for half-an-hour on a Saturday morning when one is hungover. One is not pleased.


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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