Let the games begin!

I just returned from the BigTen tourney in Indianapolis. The Gophers played well, and will hopefully be announced as playing in the NCAA tourney during the selection special later today. In the meantime, I will be holding true to my promise and am heading over to NB to get supplies for some beer. I need to replace the yeast and hops from the kits I bought a while back, so they actually taste good when I brew them.

I need to get 1 oz of Kent Goldings and Wyeat #1768 English Special Bitter for the Peace Coffee Stout Porter Kit that I plan on brewing this afternoon. I also need 1 oz of Glacier, 1 oz of Kent Goldings, and Wyeast #1099 Whitebread for the English Pale Ale Kit that I plan on brewing next weekend.

I will update with progress on these brews, the gophers, and I will do some overdue updates for the site as well.


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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