Life the past few months has been like a stereo with the pause button on the tape deck being held down. There has been things goin on, electricity running through the stereo, the speakers, but no music. Well, I guess the metaphor doesn’t completely fit, because music is about the only thing I have been making since mid-August. But, the football and thus the band season is nearly over. With only a bowl game standing between me and the 2009 season (TCF Bank Stadium, fuck yeah!) it’s time to start crossing some goals of the old “TO DO:” list. As a point of motivating myself, here are the goals I hope to accomplish within some reasonable time frame–sometime between next week and next season:

Bottle cap table– I’ve yet to buy the epoxy because I calculated the price to be upwards of 100 bucks, and I still need to determine a way to keep dust off the table while the epoxy hardens. This is my most pressing goal and I will accomplish during the upcoming break.

The Ultimate Kegorator– I’ve been planning the single besst kegorator ever for quite some time. I hoped to complete it over this upcoming break, but have now settled upon making a kegorator over break, then slowly but surely upgrading it to the ultimate status. A friend has a large coke display cooler he is willing to part with, and I already have the keg kit. What will make it ultimate will be the microcontrolled temperature settings, pressure readings, with the possiblity of a BAC controlled locking mechanism and an ethernet line to send data out over the web (twitter, webcam, etc)

Bicycle Turn Signals– I have recently had a very intense desire to buy and tinker with an arduino micro-controller. These are basic micro controllers, that are cheap, open source, widely available, and well documented. I have seen projects creating wearable turn signals on the back of a jacket, activated by buttons sewn into the cuffs of each sleeve. Since I don’t usually wear one jacket while riding, and since I usually have my Chrome bag covering the jacket anyway, I decided to integrate turn signals into the cover flap of the bag, and to mount controls on the front shoulder strap. I plan to have left turn, right turn, and full blinking (night) functions. I have also pondered integrating an accelerometer controlled brake light. I’ve also thought up some lighted gloves for more visible hand signals at night, but those don’t need a micro-controller, just conductive thread.

Adult Big Wheel– This one is a little trickier. I want to build a fully ridable, adult sized big wheel. I realize they make tricycles for adults, and also big wheels that adults can fit on. What I’m talking about is a beefed up, metal framed big wheel. I’ve already invisioned an elaborate mechanism for making the front wheel from a regular 26″ bike wheel and allowing the driver to coast. What I need are metal working skills and equipment. As is such I have registered for and introductory art class and an introductory sculpture class for next semester. After completing the two courses, I will be able to take “Intermediate Sculpture: Metalcasting.” I figure this is a better use of my spare time than going for a biology minor I will hate and never use.


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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