Beercakes = Delicious!

Beer + Pancake Mix = Beercakes ≈ Best Breakfast Food Ever

So I made pancakes with some of the leftovers from the Old Speckled Hen clone. They were delicious. I would have taken pictures, but the cakes look exactly like normal pancakes. Next time, I will attempt the Black & Tancakes–the breakfast equivalent to the Black & White cookie.

Tomorrow, I will bottle my weird, messed up Leftover EPA. Maybe I will brew the English Pale Ale kit as well. Although, I’d like to get a minifridge first, so I can manage the fermentation temperature better.


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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