Last weekend marked a monumental day in ‘Merican history. Last Saturday was the first ever Funsagefestluck of all time. For those of you who are unaware, a funsagefestluck is a day-long extravaganza combining funball, a sausage fest, and a beer potluck. Let us address each component individually:

Funball is a weekly event where those who enjoy fun play with some form of ball. Most commonly, it has been a kickball, but the possibilities are limitless. Ultimate frisbee was once attempted, but poor attendance prevented an actual game. Four square was once played as well, but it was more of a circle than a square. Unfortunately, this sport has never been successfully documented, so many remain skeptical of it’s “fun.”

A sausage fest is quite simple: A bunch of dudes–okay, women are usually welcome–gather around a grill and eat as many meat products as they can consume. It is preferable if these meat products are in sausage form. For the most recent sausage fest, Johnnie D’s mother graced us with many a sausage, 30 to be exact. (“I heard, motherfucker had, like, thirty goddamn dicks.”) Also, Deuce brought back 3 full sides of ribs from his pop’s house. We round out our massive meat monopoly–I suppose it would actually be a duopoly, but I like alliteration–with a #10 can of baked beans, 3 bags of chips, various condiments and some good ol’ sauerkraut.

This was a special sausage fest, as it also included live music from the world renowned group, Joe-Bob Honky and Silent Train. The banjo-tuba duet busted out an impressive list of tunes, including some CCR, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Cake, and They Might Be Giants. Their rendition of the theme from Rawhide was especially awesome, as it included Johnny D on Yeas. Their show ran in three sets, covering over an hour, probably 45 minutes worth of music. Excellent job guys.

The night then concluded with a beer potluck. A beer potluck is a hallowed tradition, or at least, a hell of a lot of fun. The idea is that everyone brings a six pack of beer. Womanly drinks are unacceptable. No coolers, no bacardi whatchamacallits, no smirnoff alcopops, no way. Jack hammers, however, are acceptable if you bring enough. Otherwise, this is an beer-only shindig. Everyone’s six packs are thrown into coolers of ice, and shared amongst the masses. With six beers for every person, there is no fear of running out of drinks. Because everyone chooses their own beer, party goers have the advantage of variety. Don’t like IPA? Drink a stout, porter, witbier, hefeweizen, they’re all gonna be there. Potlucks are also accompanied by music, yelling, an assortment of drinking games, probably rockband, an large amounts of debauchery. I thought of this format when I unveiled my first beer over a year ago. Since then, my beer unveilings and potlucks usually go hand in hand (this is to ensure people have something to drink if mine sucks ass). This past potluck saw the unveiling of my Old Speckled Hen clone. I’ll leave a review of that for a future post.


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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2 Responses to Funsagefestluck

  1. Poop Jech says:

    Looks like it was a real blast. I’m sure the music was awesome, und bier ist sehr gut.

    Did anyone actually bring Jackhammer? I hope so!

  2. foambrew says:

    no, no jackhammers this time.

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