Train kept a rollin’ all night long

What happens when you have to cram a bunch of homework in because your leaving classes half a week early for a BigTen basketball tournament and your roommate gets rockband, which then occupies every klear kotemoment of your free time? You neglect your fledgling blog after only two posts. Boo.

Fortunately, God invented something called a job, which gives me ample time to nurture the series of tubes that comprise this site.

So what’s new? Mostly nothing, besides rockband of course. So let’s talk a little more about this table of mine instead. As described below, it’s going to be a stained wood table covered in bottle caps then coated in a thick layer of epoxy.

The epoxy is called klear kote and is available here. I estimated that I need about 3 gallons to cover the caps, fill the center section up to the border and then provide a finish layer on the border and over the sides. The epoxy is the same kind used on bar tables. (see the picture below for an example of a finished product) It should provide a slick, crystal clear finish that will also protect the caps and wood from damage. The epoxy will cost about $90 with the mixing cups and tools.

Theoretically, I can apply a 1/4″ coat every 4-6 hours without having to sand the previous coat. After eight or so coats, the center will be full and I can cover the entire table. My biggest concern is that the epoxy isEpoxy bar supposed to set in a dust free environment. I plan on cleaning our entire house before I start anything. I also want to change the furnace filter a week or so before I start the process, and then again once I do. Hopefuly this will keep most of the particles out of the air. If I’m still concerned I think I could drape a large wet sheet over the table; That should collect any dust that might land on the table.

I still haven’t ordered the epoxy yet–mostly because I’m still collecting the final caps. Also, I’m still pondering a lighting scheme, but I’ll be saving that investigation for another post. Until next time.

P.S. I’ve got a Honey Brown Ale in the secondary right now, looks and smells delicious. I need to get my CO2 cylinder filled soon, so that I can throw it in the keg. yeah!


About foambrew

I'm a food science graduate from the University of Minnesota. I spend my time being in Seoul for a year, brewing beer, consuming food, biking, playing the tuba, and enjoying the Twins and Gophers. I can usually be found doing some combination or derivative of these things.
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